Our Pizzas

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  • MARGARITA Tomato, cheese, oregano, salt, oil 6'30€
    BOSCAIOLA Fresh mushrooms 6'90€
    REINA Cooked han 6'90€
    ATLANTICA Tuna, cockles, mussels 7'90€
    DIAVOLA Dry cured ham, capers (spicy) 7'50€
    VEGETARIANA Onion, mushrooms, piquillo pepper 7'50€
    VESUBIO Anchovy filets, capers 7'50€
    4 ESTACIONES Onion, tuna, cooked ham, mushrooms 7'90€
    PIRATA Peeled shrimps 8'90€
    MARE NOSTRUM Smoked salmon 8'90€
    DOS QUESOS Blue cheese 7'50€
    CRIOLLA Genovese basil, black olives 7'20€
    SORPRESA Onion and...surprise! 7'00€
    SIRENA Somked salmon, caviar, peeled shrimps 11'00€
    CARIBEÑA Cooked ham, pineapple, kiwi,coconut 8'00€
    TIROLESA Somked bacon, green peppers 7'50€
    ALPINA Turkey breast, ragu sauce 8'00€
    VULCANO Somked bacon, green peppers 8'00€
    PIRENAICA Green asparagus, goat cheese 7'80€
    PIZZA DULCE Mozzarella, fresh seasonal fruit, jam, icing sugar 7'20€
    QUESERA Blue cheese, goat cheese, Emmental and Parmesan cheese 8'00€
    CARBONARA Cheese, mushrooms, Carbonara sauce 8'00€
    LOS 3 CERDITOS Cooked ham, bacon, dry cured ham 8'00€
    HORTELANA Mushrooms, artichokes, fresh tomato sauce 7'50€
    LA FINOLI Blueberry jam and Brie 7'50€
    LA POPEYE Fresh Spinach, mushrooms, egss and emmental 8'00€
    BACALADERA Smoked cod and peppers 9'30€
    PAMPLONICA Chistorra and 1 ingredient you choose 8'00€